The 7 wonders to see in the Marche region

Here are the 7 places not to be missed on your holiday in the Marche, unique wonders to visit We recommend 7 places considered wonders, which you cannot miss on your trip to the Marche region. Mountain, sea, hill and city, many pleasant discoveries for all tastes. Park of Monte San Bartolo It...

The grand opening of the seaplane base of Gerosa lake

A brief recap of what happened in Gerosa, where once again we’ve been part of a great project. It went all as it was planned. We’ve witnessed to the triumph of different experiences which lead up to the grand opening of the seaplane base of Gerosa lake. The moments that preceded the landing of ...

Where to go bouldering in Marche region

Bouldering is one of the most practiced disciplines, in Italy and in Europe, among those linked to the climbing world. In this article, we give you some suggestions to know where to practice it in our Region. The two areas where you can practice this sport are mainly in the province of Ascoli Pic...

The wonderful pictures from the Gran Anello of Sibillini in winter time

These are pictures of Marco Waldis, talented and famous photojournalist who has traveled the Gran Anello of Sibillini last winter. Today we would like to introduce you in a fantastic photographic work by Marco Waldis, well-known photographer, among other things, special mention in the International...

Art in the Marche: painting, sculpture, architecture and nature throughout the region.

The Marche can be considered as a popular open-air museum, a network of cities of art and historical villages set in a wide area of ​​cultivated hills, which overlook valleys ranging from the sea to the mountains.  A region rich in unique suggestions everywhere you look. Some examples? Ancona,...

The most beautiful villages in the inland for your holidays in Marche

A selection of the most beautiful villages of the Marche where you can spend a fairytale vacation. Marche is a region in Italy increasingly chosen as a tourist destination. More and more visitors choose to explore the inland villages for the holidays in the Marche region, an area dotted with bea...

5 dream beaches in the Marche region

On your holiday in the Marche region, there are 5 dream beaches you cannot miss. If you are planning to travel to the Marche during spring or summer, 5 dream beaches are a must to visit. Their colours and landscapes make an unforgettable experience to be remembered for all your life. The first bea...

The Roman amphitheatre in Ancona

One of the things to see during your visit to the city of Ancona, in the historic center is the roman amphitheatre. It is located in the most ancient area of the city close to the very important Cathedral of Saint Cyriacus. A wide area delimited by a fence is what is left of the ancient amphitheatr...

What to do on holiday in the Marche region. Ten top things you can’t miss in Marche, Italy. Places to see, historical treasures, beaches and much more.

What to do on holiday in the Marche region. Ten top things you can’t miss in Marche, Italy. Places to see, historical treasures, beaches and much more. The Marche region has a lot to offer. Places to see, things to visit, discover and live are many and they are all different to one another. You ...

Museum Pope Pius IX in Senigallia

 Museum Pope Pius IX in Senigallia A collection of memories of the beloved Pope Pius IX is preserved and guarded in the Palace Mastai-Ferretti in Senigallia, location of the Museum Pius IX, still visible today near Piazza Roma and the current Town Hall in Senigallia. The Pope Pius IX, born Giovan...

Wellness Weekend in the Marche, Italy: 10 ideas for a trip

  Wellness weekend in the Marche if you are looking for relax and peace: where to go. If you want to rest and restore being in contact with the nature, the Marche region is the place to be. Seaside, hills, mountains and lakes will welcome you and offer unforgettable moments thanks as well to ...

Artistic Nativities Exposition in Monte San Giusto

Artistic Nativities are exposed in Monte San Giusto The magic of Christmas is best displayed in the representation of the nativity. A trip during the times may be made in the nativities exposed all over the regional territory in le Marche. Today, we would like to tell you about very special nativ...


Riding around by motorbike in Le Marche: itinerary towards the inland. Summer seems to be ending in Le Marche and for some people the motorbike is about to get back to recess until spring. It is not too late, though, for a last tour by motorbike along the wonderful Sibillini mountains. Take this la...


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