What is ciauscolo?

Today we would like to present one of the typical products of our area. We could not devote a special article for one of the most famous products of our land: the ciauscolo. First, you should know that the name undergoes a few variations: ciaùscolo, ciavuscolo or ciabuscolo. It depends on the ar...

Why is the “Ancona” is called so?

Let's go to our beautiful capital city of the Region, and analyze it from a linguistic point of view and not only. As you know, Ancona is one of the obligatory stops for people who would like to visit Marche. It is not just the Capital of the Region, it is also important for its beautiful monuments...

What is “lu bov fint”?

You will discover one of the main events in our region that takes place in the first period of the year. You should know that our region is rich in traditions and in events that evoke historical periods. Our medieval and renaissance villages can be decorated and can be a sort of background to the...

A trip to Jesi, a city in the middle of the History

Jesi is a city halfway between the mountains and the sea. A place you should not miss and you should know it. Why should you visit it? Let's find out together and retrace its History. According to tradition, it was founded by Esio, the king of the Pelasgians, who gave to Jesi the symbol of a ramp...

7 Archaeological Parks in the Marche

Our Region is deeply rooted in history, let's discover the 7 archaeological parks in the Marche region. Located in the municipalities of Urbisaglia, Sassoferrato, Cupra Marittima, Falerone, Fossombrone, San Severino Marche and Castelleone di Suasa, Marche has 7 archaeological parks located in areas...

All of the living nativity scenes of the Marche

A tradition of the Marche from Genga up to Falerone. The living nativity is one of the most characteristic representations at Christmas in Italy. The first living nativity scene dates back to 1223, and was the work of Francesco d'Assisi in Greccio, near Rieti. From that year on, the art of the na...


Five things you can’t miss for any reason Are you celebrating Christmas in the Marche? Are you planning a tour in our region? Would you like to do a run in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy? Well, here you will find five things you can’t absolutely miss in the Marche region. THE ...

The 4 countries facing the sea to visit in the Marche region

The Marche, bathed by the north to the south by the Adriatic Sea, have a large number of towns and villages that overlook the sea: here are the 4 places that you absolutely must visit. Brands, in their precious cocktail of art cities, seaside resorts and natural parks, it also has a very important ...

The most beautiful photos of the winter sea in Fano

The winter sea is “a concept that the thought does not consider” singing Ruggeri or maybe even one of the shows that Nature offers. Today, we went to comb through the archive of one of the most important photographic agencies, Getty Images, and we bring a selection of the best photos that descri...

The Sanctuary of the Santissimo Crocifisso in Ostra

Among the many places of worship in the Marche region there is also a small wonder, the Sanctuary of Santissimo Crocifisso, in Ostra. According to an inscription on the portal, the Sanctuary , was built in 1333 and defined earlier the Church of St. Gregorio, since it shows the altar dedicated to ...


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