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11 May 2015turismomarche

Marche region is a land of meditation and emotional journey. Here, there are places of worship recommended for your journey in the name of faith and spirituality.


Marche is a land of meditation and emotional journey and it is the ideal leg for the tourists that are looking for themselves. The places of worship are three and where tourists can enjoy a unique experience wrapped in faith and spirituality.

The first place of worship is the Holy House of Loreto. The Sanctuary is dedicated to the Virgin and it preserves the Nazareth Virgin’s home. This precious relic was brought to Loreto after the Crusaders kingdom fall in the Holy Land. Inside the Sanctuary, there is also the Black Virgin a state with black face. Thanks to the Holy House, Loreto has become a city known in all over the world.

The second place of worship is Fonte Avellana in Pesaro area. It is an ancient hermitage, which is hidden between the hills and mountains. It is possible to visit the hermitage inside and also the ancient rooms of the monks. Here, nature blends with spirituality and so, this is the perfect place to meditate, even alone. Finally, it is possible relax in the lawns or walk around the woods.

The third place of worship is the Fiastra Abbey in Chienti valley. It is one of the best preserved Cistercian monasteries in Italy. The Church architecture and cenoby reflect this monastic order influence. The garden is very nice. There is also the ossauary of the monks who built the building.

Peace and quiet reign in the Abbey. Finally, it is possible eat and buy monks’products.

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