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Type: Villages and city of art
Location: Riviera delle Palme, Piceno and Sibillini Mountains
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Visit Altidona Marches

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Altidona is a characteristic Municipal in the Marche Region and in the province of Fermo. It is part of the Valdaso Union Municipal.

The territory of Altidona goes from the Old Town to the countryside up to the sea, where it is possible to see the beauty of a natural beach.

Altidona is flanked with the Aso River that goes down to the sea and on this way there is a walk between a green and natural landscape.

The‘Two Bridges’ Park is a large green area encircled by age-old trees and where it is possible to do sports, gambling and entertainment activities. Besides, it is crossed by a cycle track thatgoes backto the beach.

Altidona coast spread over a hilly area with a rich vegetation and a cliff falls sheer to the sea that creates an idyllic atmosphere.

The origins of Altidona date back to the Piceni People. In the XI century, Altidona belonged to the Montecassino Abbey (Altidona appears in the bronze door of the Basilica at the XII century) before moving to Farfa. Altidona history is linked to Fermo. In the 1507, Altidona was among the castles of the second degree. The past of Altidona is full of stories that testify its warlike and rebellious nature. Altidona knew the Napoleonic Government looting and in 1860 were held the elections for the Italy annexation.

Altidona offers interesting places to the ancient architectures lovers as: the town walls restored few years ago; the Belvedere, a medieval watchtower overlooks the Aso Valley; the Santa Maria and San Ciriaco Churches in the town; the Our Lady of Mercy Church (XVII century) and here was kept a statue of Our Lady of Mercy a good example of polychrome wood sculpture of the XV century, that today is in the Santa Maria and San Ciriaco Church; the Montana Villa and the Roman Cistern located in the ancient Barbolano district, where in the Middle Ages, the castle collapsed into the sea.

In the parish church houses a Vincenzo Pagani table depicting the Madonna and Child and two Saints and a Donor.

Ultime da Altidona