ID: #4920
Type: Seaside Resorts
Location: Pesaro, Fano and Montefeltro
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Marotta is a seaside resort in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. The territory is divided in two Municipalities: Mondolfo and San Costanzo.

Marotta beach  is among those who have received the Europe Blue Flag.

Marotta is located between Fano, Senigallia and the Adriatic Sea. Along the coast there are sandy and rocky beaches, while the bottom in uniformly sandy.

The origin of Marotta name goes back to the Latin Mala Rupta or Mauri Rupta. According to some historians, in 207 b.C. the battle between Rome and Carthage would be fought in the Cesano Valley, instead of the Metauro valley.

In 1544, Pope Paul III erected a tombstone to put an end to border disputes between Mondolfo and Fano. Nowadays, this tombstone marks the border between the Roman Catholic Diocese of Senigallia and that of Fano, and the border between the Mondolfo town and Fano.

Ultime da Marotta