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Type: Villages and city of art
Location: Pesaro, Fano and Montefeltro
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Mondavio is a charming and picturesque village in the province of Pesaro-Urbino between the walls and a mighty fortress. The Mondavio Rovere fortress is the main monument and symbol of the town. It was commissioned by Giovanni Della Rovere at the Francesco di Giorgio Martini military architect and it was built between 1482 and 1492. In the late Roman era, Mondavio was part of the thriving city of Suasa that is far from 5 Km, the place were brought to light important vestiges and finds.

Suasa was destroyed by the Goths and the inhabitants fled and settled in the hills around. They gave rise to the first settlements as Mondavio. Mondavio knew the rule of Malatesta, Piccolomini, Medici, Montefeltro and Della Rovere until 1631, when it passed to the Church State. Mondavio was a connecting node of a fortifications system, administrative, commercial, religious and cultural center of a large territory.

The Municipality of Mondavio was awarded in July 2003 with the recognition of Orange flag an ecofriendly environment brand in inland areas, the Italian Touring Club. There are important monuments and places in Mondavio such as: Ex Capuchin Monastery. The Church and Convent subsequentaly restructured are used as accommodation complex for conference and congresses. The St. Francesco Church transformed several times until the 1700, it has a simple and majestic architecture outside and inside of it with baroque traces. St. Pietro and Paterniano Collegiate at 1300. St. Maria della Quercia Church contains interesting frescoes of the sixteenth century, that are attributed to the Presutti di Fano painter. The Apollo Theatre  built in the late eighteenth century inside the St. Filippo Neri Church.

Ultime da Mondavio