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Location: Riviera del Conero and province of Ancona
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Conero park, established as protected national area in 1987, it includes Monte Conero promontory touching four different districts of Ancona. It’s one of the most important districts because it owns the 21 per cent of the land. The whole district and the three hamlets of Fonte d’Olio, San Lorenzo and Coppo are in the park. Extraordinary is his flora and many are the excursions to do in the park. In particular the path from the town hall of Sirolo to the Sassi Neri seaside passing through San Michele seaside and Urbani seaside. Also Monte Conero belongs to the Sirolo district with his 572 meters above sea level. It’s one of the most important Adriatic promontories and it’s also point of reference for the other hinterland villages from which it’s possible to see his beautiful profile.


Beautiful is also this seaside that extends to 500 meters from the center of Sirolo. It’s composed of gravelly pebbles and rocks and it’s easy to reach thanks to many footpaths but also by bus or by car. Regarding the description the seaside is completely surrounded by the green. It’s a typical place to relax during the summer. The water is crystalline like in the whole area.


The seaside after that one of San Michele is known as “ Black-stones seaside”, also here you can find a crystal water.
His name comes from his dark, black rocks. It’s one of the most beautiful seasides of the shore and it’s easy to get in from San Michele seaside.


If you say Sirolo, surely the first pictures that you will find are that one of the two sisters seaside or better the seaside of Velare. The two rocks that come out from the water are known as sea stacks and they are typically of this seaside.
They are the symbol of Sirolo and for that it has been made a stamp in 2001.


The other seasides in Sirolo where you can relax are that one of Urbani (the most comfortable coming from the center) and it’s composed by rocks and gravel; the seaside of Lavori near the two sisters seaside composed by rounded rocks and pebbles; the seaside of Forni and that one of Gabbiani are also beautiful and easy to reach by sea. In conclusion there is also the Frati seaside one of the most beautiful seaside composed by a submerged reef


The old town is amazing and it’s the perfect bond with the seasides. The balcony overlooking the sea invites you for a romantic walk. Wonderful is also the square and the streets where you could lost passing through the gothic arch. The bell tower is in the town center and the fortified tower represents an an ancient presence.


In the old town you’ll find also the Cortesi theatre. It was built in 1873 in nineteenth-century style with a beautiful white stone that comes from the mountain of Sirolo. In the center there is a clock and the writing Town Theatre. Inside you’ll find the classic shape of horseshoe and a total of 220 seats. Beautiful is also the central rose window and the crystal chandelier. The structure is always the ancient one (unknown architect) even if recently it has been restored (the most important restoration was in 2000)


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Distance from Ancona: 22 km
How to arrive to Sirolo by car: Motorway A14, exit ANCONA SUD, continue following the indications for Riviera del Conero-Numana Sirolo (11km)
How to arrive to Sirolo by train: railway lines of Milano,Bologna,Lecce or Roma; Ancona, Ancona station. From here there are the bus service Reni to reach Sirolo
How arrive to Sirolo by bus : Motorway A14,exit ANCONA SUD, continue following the indications for Riviera del Conero- Numana Sirolo (11km)
How to arrive to Sirolo by plane: Ancona Airport- Falconara (32km). Connections with Milan, Bologna,London,Paris,Monaco di Baviera, Barcellona,Bucharest,Mosca,Palermo,Olbia

For the families with kids and strollers it’s possible to visit the city on foot
The city is accessible to disabled people




piazza Vittorio Veneto

Tel. +39 071 9330611



Sirolo is the pearl of Riviera of Conero, historically is the touristic center of the Conero Riviera and it’s the most popular in all Europe; the motivation of this primacy in Marche is his unique and admirable beauty.

In Sirolo you can find tourists coming from the whole Europe. His atmosphere is comfortable, full of colors, lights and enchanting places. Visiting Sirolo means finding a calm place, surrounded by nature, in a perfect harmony with the nature. The main character of this esclusive sensation is the sea, in fact Sirolo has an enchanting view that is possible to observe either from the village or looking from the central square where you can taste the typical cooking of Sirolo and in the background the Riviera of Conero. Additionally, Sirolo transmits a particular calm thanks to the mount of Conero: a shape made of dark green with around a soft hill profile, that gives you the sensation of finding more in the hills than in the coast.

Unique is also the atmosphere that you can feel in the tiny center of Sirolo, between shops, restaurants, Hotels, local markets, open bars which light up especially in the summer creating a fascinating air of summer, a worldly move but at the same time relaxing and never chaotic.

Sirolo allows you to reach different seasides: from the famous Black-Stones seaside, wild and rigid, in the slope of Monte Conero,to Urbani seaside, well equipped, easier to reach and with a longer view from the Mediterranean scrub of Conero.

Sirolo is also art, history and culture, in fact for everyone who is keen on archaeology it’s possible to visit the ancient Queen tomb, an archeological site where many ruins of a queen and his soldiers have been found.

Sirolo offers many places to visit like the Badia of San Pietro al Conero located on the top of the mount Conero, the Church of Madonna del Rosario and The Parochial Church of San Nicoló which find in the center of Sirolo.

From Sirolo it’s possible to reach the Mount Conero on foot or by mountain bike, you can pass through its paths and discover all his characteristics, flora and fauna, the discoveries and the ruins of many communities of different historic periods.

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