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Type: Villages and city of art
Location: Gabicce Mare and San Bartolo Park
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Tavullia is a town of 8001 inhabitants in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

It is located 70 km north-west of Ancona, 15 west from Pesaro, 30 from Rimini, 40 from the Republic of San Marino.

There is also an exlave in Belvedere Fogliense bordering the municipalities of Mondaino, Montecalvo in Foglia, Montegridolfo and Vallefoglia.

The first settlement of Tavullia is probably dated to the early Middle Ages, as is presumable from the presence of a castle located on the slope of Monte Peloso, called “Castrum Montis Pilos Tumbao”. Tavullia was the site of violent clashes between the Malatesta family and that of the Da Montefeltro, respectively belonging to the factions of the Guelphs and Ghibellines. The bloodiest battle occurred near Monteluro, when the Sforza family intervened in favor of the Malatesta, determining the victory. The territory, from then on, was often dotted with the presence of many castles, which unfortunately have not survived to this day: from the Castle of Monteluro, for example, only the ruins have been received, even though it was a place of importance strategic over the centuries.

The Village of Belvedere Fogliense offers a beautiful landscape with the church of 1700 and the walls that surround it. Also in July the summer festival with rich stalls and typical meals takes place in the city walls.

There are the fractions Babbucce (between Tavullia and Pesaro), Belvedere Fogliense, Pavilion, Rio Salso.

Known figures of Tavullia are the writer Fabio Tombari (who died in 1989) where he was residing in the fraction of Rio Salso, the motorcycle drivers Graziano and Valentino Rossi. In Tavullia there is the fan club of Valentino present in the center of the town.

There are also the Church of San Lorenzo Martire present since 1574 and the Gothic Monument to the Fallen of 1944.

Ultime da Tavullia