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Type: Villages and city of art
Location: Pesaro, Fano and Montefeltro
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Urbino is the wonderful Pesaro country seat of the province of Pesaro-Urbino.

Urbino was one of the major centers of the Italian Renaissance and since 1998 its old town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Urbino preservs all the features in its beautiful Renaissance architectures such as: the Ducal Palace well known and visited and now it houses the Marche National Gallery. It is possible to access at the Ducal Palace through a small square with a quadrilateral shape that is situated on the top of the Poggio hill; Raphael’s house where it is possible to admire a fresco of the young Raphael, the paintings of his father Giovanni Santi, the spaces and the furnishings where the famous painter lived; the neoclassical Giuseppe Valadier Cathedral. The ex Santa Chiara Monastery iso ne of the most important monuments of the city that was built towards the end of the XV century on project of Francesco di Giorgio Martini architect, who is from Siena. Besides, Francesco di GiorgioMartiniarchitect built also the Data and the Spiral Ramp, that were both wanted by the Duke Federico III da Montefeltro in the second half of XV century as parties related to the Ducal Palace. The tower’s spiral Ramp i san impressive architectural structure and its function was to ensure the passage at the Duke and his court from the Palace to the Ducal Stables and vice versa. The Monument to Raphael made by Luigi Belli sculto in front of the Ducal Palace. The Sanzio Theater, the main theater in the city that is designed in the XIX century on the Spiral Ramp Bastion.

In addition, Urbino preserves many churches such as St. Francesco Church and the adjoining convent, the St. Domenico Church, the ex St. Girolamo convent.

Moreover, in Urbino there are also oratories and the most importan are the St. John Oratory, St. Joseph Oratory, the Oratory of the Most Holy Crucifix of the Cave.

Ultime da Urbino